Vadda Kalakaar movie songs – Alfaaz & Gold-E Gill

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Vadda Kalakaar movie songs – Alfaaz & Gold-E Gill

Vadda Kalakaar movie releasing on 28th December 2018 and Starring Alfaaz, Roopi Gill, Yograj Singh. Check out all the songs of Vadda Kalakaar movie.

Sahan Wali Dor song

We have a track lined up for the audience of the movie Vadda Kalakaar. The song is ‘Sahan Wali Dor’. This song has been sung by Alfaaz. Lyrics have also been given by Alfaaz. This song is quite melodious.

This song features both Alfaaz & Roopi Gill. Alfaaz is looking quite decent in kurta pajama. Roopi is looking beautiful in suit, pyjami & dupatta. The song says ‘tere utte vaar daye sahan wali dor kudiyan te lakhan na tere jihe hor’. Alfaaz is saying that I can give my last breath to you as there are lakhs of girls but there is no one like you. Alfaaz is praising Roopi Gill in this song.

Vadda Kalakaar song

Another song has been introduced to the movie ‘Vadda Kalakaar’. The song is named ‘Vadda Kalakaar’ itself. This is the title track of the movie. This song has been sung by Alfaaz & Gurlej Akthar. The song has been very nicely sung.

It is a fun & a very enjoyable song, to say the least. It is a very fast paced song.

At the start of the song, a red car is shown being driven on roads & also on the pull. Some lyrics by Gurlej were ‘hor kaddu kehra sapp maarda hai gapp mainu pehnda poora shakk vadde kalakaar te’. She is trying to say he can’t even beat a snake, he says big things & I have full doubt …’. Some lyrics of the song sung by Alfaaz are ‘vekhdi taan ja ho ja beparwah tere aala jatt jao VCR te’. Mainly, the actor is trying to say that you don’t worry he will become famous one day & he would be seen on the big screen.

Gulrej also says ‘Veh eh saara din maarda hai fariyaan mere kil offer ne badiya ki lambu Dharmendra ki Shatru Jeetendra ki saare hai akal vadde fankaar te’. This means she is saying that he just speaks big things, I have many choices like tall Dharmendra, Shatrughan Singh & Jeetendra like actors. Then Alfaaz says fadiyaan taan marna ni kam jatt da filman’ch dekhin kinve dhoora patda’. He is saying that saying big big things isn’t his style & he will rise in the film industry.

There are quite funny scenes in the song. Scenes including Yograj Singh, BN Sharma, Harby Sangha & Alfaaz etc.

Rabba Mere song

This is a beautiful & sad song. The song has been sung by Kamal Khan. The song says ‘Rabba koi dil a haal na jaane Babe Nanka tere manni baithe haan assi paane’. He is saying that no one knows the heart’s feeling it is it what God gives’. The song has been picturized on Alfaaz & Roopi Gill. At the start of the song, Alfaaz is seen in a Gurdwara. In many scenes, Roopi is shown without Alfaaz. Alfaaz also says, ‘saadiyaan assan pakkiyaan si assi taan dil vich rakhiyaan si sadda hi neetan sachchiyaan’. He is saying that his intentions were strong & intentions were also true. Alfaaz also says ‘assi bhule baithe si aa jagg de taane baane’. Alfaaz says we have forgotten all of life’s tactics. Both are feeling lonely. In the end of the song, it looks as if Alfaaz has his neck tied by a knot committing suicide.

Director & Producer of the movie

The movie is directed by Kuldeep Kaushik. The producer of the movie is Red Castle Motion Pictures(Prince Amrit Juneja & Rajan Kumar).

Music of the movie

The music of the movie Vadda Kalakaar has been given by Gold-E Gill.

Star Cast: Alfaaz, Roopi Gill, Yograj Singh, BN Sharma, Nirmal Rishi & Harby Sangha
Director: Kuldeep Kaushik
Producers: Red Castle Motion Pictures(Prince Amrit Juneja & Rajan Kumar)
Music: Gold-E Gill


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